Gold Digger

Band :
Title : Gold Digger
Release Date : 26 november, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : SMEP001
Format : CD

Gold Digger is Safemode’s studio EP, released in October 2013. The album is produced by Dino Medanhodzic, and was recorded at The Radionika Studio in Stockholm. Including the radio-classics Another Day Will Haunt You and Gold Digger: Sam.


”If ”With Roots Above and Branches Below” era The Devil Wears Prada and Saosin had a baby, this might be what would result.
… Safemode is a band to watch. Look for them to play the US more often this year.” I Am Tuned Up, USA

”When you put it all together, you may think it would come up short, but this album carries you on a journey you’d be hard pressed to match with any 10-track album on the market today.” HM Magazine, USA

”While waiting for the album… There is only one solution: to put Gold Digger on repeat-(Safe)mode!” Metal Integral, France

”Something that stands a part of the crowd with future potential” The Metal Resource, Netherlands

”Convincing return” Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

”A very hungry band that deliver megaheavy riffs and supercatchy choruses” Roth’n’Roll, Sweden