PRESSRELEASE: Mosaic Artistry Group signs Swedish metalcore-band Safemode to a US booking deal


Press release:
Mosaic Artistry Group signs swedish metalcore-band Safemode to a US booking deal

Uppsala, Sweden. September 16, 2014

In September 2014 Swedish metalcore-band Safemode, signed an exclusive booking agreement for the US with Mosaic Artistry Group.

Aaron Dill, lead booking agent at Mosaic Artistry Group, found out about Safemode by hearing their songs on the radio. The single “Another Day Will Haunt You” from the band’s latest EP “Gold Digger” was picked up by RadioU and quickly found success in the states, lasting for weeks at the top of their top ten most wanted charts and is in heavy rotation. He wanted to follow up the momentum of their radio success, so he reached out to them and put together a plan to bring their energetic live show to the United States…

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